St. Bart’s: Oh you fancy huh?

Photo-9Ahh St. Barts…it’s where you go to see and be seen. Catering to the likes of the hottest celebs including Ellen (LOVE her!), Rachel Zoe, Jay Z and [Queen] Bey, this little gem is the fanciest island in the Caribbean, and not to mention the most exclusive (read: expensive!).

Given that the average villa rate is about one million dollars per night (joking, duh!), the future-hubs and I decided to only go for the day…and what a day it was! First things first though, we were on the hunt for coffee (because like, how can you start your day without it?!) Luckily, immediately upon our debarkation, we stumbled upon the cutest french pastry shop and found the most delicious cup o’ joe. Despite the “They must be Americans” stares we received from the locals, we cheerfully frolicked out of the shop, coffee in tow, and ready to explore.


Since we only had one day, we opted for an island tour. BUT, let me tell you, this was not your stereotypical, obnoxious-microphone-double-decker-bus, island tour. No, it was just the two of us and our chauffeur, and his Porsche. (Internal happy dance commence!) To make the current situation even sweeter, our chauffeur informed me that Cameron Diaz sat in my exact same seat just one week earlier. Yes – I know! My ass is basically famous!

Anywho, thanks to our fancy ride, we were no longer “The Americans” in St. Bart’s; we were now celebrities in St. Barthelemy (say this like Pepe Le Pew). You can just call us KimYe from here on out.

After treating our eyPhotoes to the most breathtaking panoramas on the planet, our chauffeur dropped us off at Nikki Beach – the most posh, ritzy beach bar in the French West Indies world. [Stacy Keibler was JUST there. Swearskies – just check her insta!) With bellinis in hand and fresh calamari at our fingertips, life was just delicious.

After our well-deserved dosage of opulence, we wrapped up our day by meandering around the cobblestone streets and perusing the boutiques. (Luckily for my fiancé, at the time, I wasn’t in the mood to add to my Hermés collection…mostly because, well, it is non-existent…womp womp.) With just minutes left to spare, our chauffeur whisked us away to our catamaran and we were headed back to reality.

St. Bart’s – I just love ya, and if you’re good enough for Bey, you are sure as hell good enough for me.

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