Hats off to the Weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!! In honor of this long overdue (or is that just me?) kick-start to the weekend, I wanted to share a few of my most coveted hats to date. From floppy to fedora, here are my picks for the most beautiful brims around. Enjoy!Hats off to the Weekend!

From left to right: Dorothy Perkins floppy summer hatRag Bone band hatBondi Beach Bag Co orange hat; Old Navy FedoraTopshop black floppy hat

It’s the Weekend, Remember to Breathe

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 10.55.27 PM

Sometimes, I feel that my weekends are more hectic than my weeks. I don’t know if it’s the combination of both wedding season and “busy” season at work, or graduations or what..but lately, I have just been non-stop during my long-lost days of repose. I mean, whatever happened to using the weekends for relaxing and recharging? Shouldn’t all this busy bee nonsense be like, illegal or something? Anywho, this time around, I’m going to make some time for me…and well, breathe…

…after I work, run errands, and attend a wedding. K, THANKS BYE!

Espadrilles Eddiction

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some flip-flops. BUT, there are times in the summer months when I just need a change. (READ: I haven’t had a pedi in weeks and my toes look worse than cardboard cutouts of Selena Gomez at Miley Cyrus concerts…whhaaat?) When said times come, I turn to espadrilles. Although I recently bought the cutest (comfiest and reasonably priced) pair from Sperry at Nordstrom (see here), I’ve had my eye on quite a few as of late. Check out my picks below! {PS. I know how to spell addiction, I just did that (the title) for dramatic effect, duh!}

Espadrilles Eddiction

DIY: Sea Salt Spray for Beach Waves {in 2 Minutes!}

photo 1
photo 5
photo 1-1

When I walk out of the ocean – waves pulling me in, body dripping wet – I tilt my head back, run my hands through my hair and literally feel like I should be in an episode of Baywatch circa 1995 (see here). But in reality, I probably look a little more like, well, a beached whale.

Regardless, my point is that the ocean creates wonders…one of which is GREAT HAIR. The “Beach Wave”…its sexy, tousled and care-free. We all want it, but sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of dunking our manes into the deep blue sea to get it. And other times, we don’t want to pay for yet another hair product. So, NO FEAR my friends, today I bring you DIY Sea Salt Spray…tried and tested by yours truly.


2 tsp sea salt

1 cup warm water

2 tsp organic virgin coconut oil (helps with hydration…and smells delish)

1 tsp of gel

Directions: Mix all of the ingredients together in a spray bottle, shake vigorously and apply (starting from your ends upward). Feel free to customize the ingredients as you like (for example, for dry hair, you might want to up the ante on the coconut oil). Enjoy and resume feeling like a Baywatch star (or maybe that’s just me).