The Higher the Heel, The Closer to God


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My life’s mission is to find comfortable shoes, especially with a little bit of height  - heels, wedges, pumps, what have you – because well, I’m about 3 inches away from being cast on that Little People show on TLC (READ: I’m barely 5’1).

ANYWAY…I am writing to tell you all that I found THE.BEST.SUMMER.HEEL.EVER at Nordstrom recently. Ever I tell you. It’s a chunky heel made by Söfft and it is just SO COMFORTABLE — never-ending graduation ceremonies, late night dance parties, long bar nights – comfortable, and well, I just couldn’t help but share.

Espadrilles Eddiction

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some flip-flops. BUT, there are times in the summer months when I just need a change. (READ: I haven’t had a pedi in weeks and my toes look worse than cardboard cutouts of Selena Gomez at Miley Cyrus concerts…whhaaat?) When said times come, I turn to espadrilles. Although I recently bought the cutest (comfiest and reasonably priced) pair from Sperry at Nordstrom (see here), I’ve had my eye on quite a few as of late. Check out my picks below! {PS. I know how to spell addiction, I just did that (the title) for dramatic effect, duh!}

Espadrilles Eddiction