Water, Sexified


Yeah yeah, 8 cups per day…keeps you hydrated….skinny…young…blah blah BLAH. I get it, I need to drink more water. But sometimes, well, I just get TIRED of the same old lame old. Sort of like Mariah Carey did with Nick Cannon (say it isn’t soo!!). Anyway, my point is that water, unless injected with a heaping dose of caffeine for which it then becomes coffee….can just be so blasé. So friends, without further ado, I present to you WATER, sexified, three different ways. Not only are these infused concoctions delicious…they are healthy too. Enjoy :) 

Cucumber: Here’s the deal guys. These little suckers [cucumbers] are loaded with vitamin B, eliminate toxins, contain electrolytes (which are super replenishing), and even support weight loss and digestion. SCORE! Oh, and they are said to prevent AM hangovers too, if ingested the night before. DOUBLE SCORE!


Strawberry Mint – First up, strawberries, aka natures candy, are packed with fiber, are low in calories, and most importantly, are fat burners. Second, mint, other than smelling DEVINE, promotes digestion and is said to relieve stomach nausea and headaches.


Lemon & Rosemary: Lemon – its like nature’s grenade of goodness, locked and loaded with vitamin c and potassium, they aid in digestion, cleanse your system, prevent wrinkles, freshen your breath, promote weight loss and even pay your bills. Okay, everything except for the last one, but you get the picture now right? Now onto rosemary…it stimulates the immune system, improves concentration, is a mild diuretic (i.e. eliminates bloating..YES!!), and is even said to improve concentration. Sign me UP!


Hope you all enjoy my infused water tips!