Flannel Finds

Fall means lots of things. Pumpkins, Halloween, boots, PSLs, squash, new sitcoms (have ya’ll seen Marry Me?!), apples and what have you. To me though, above all, fall screams FLANNELS…and any other cute plaid shirt I come across that I also refer to as a “flannel” (OOPS!). Here are a few that I have been eyeing as of late. Enjoy :)

Foxcroft Modern Fit – Nordstrom

Olive & Oak – Nordstrom

Splendid ‘Hayes’ Plaid Shirt – Nordstrom

Tassel Trendz

As of late, I have been uh-bsessedddd with tassel. Why you ask? IDK, maybe because it’s super cute. Or maybe because I am channeling my inner college graduate (and secretly wishing I was 22 again). Or maybe because it’s on trend now, DUH! Anyway, on my recent trip to Nordstrom (aka, the promised land) I found the trendiest tassels in town. Ch-ch-check it out.

The Higher the Heel, The Closer to God


Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 11.23.59 PM

My life’s mission is to find comfortable shoes, especially with a little bit of height  - heels, wedges, pumps, what have you – because well, I’m about 3 inches away from being cast on that Little People show on TLC (READ: I’m barely 5’1).

ANYWAY…I am writing to tell you all that I found THE.BEST.SUMMER.HEEL.EVER at Nordstrom recently. Ever I tell you. It’s a chunky heel made by Söfft and it is just SO COMFORTABLE — never-ending graduation ceremonies, late night dance parties, long bar nights – comfortable, and well, I just couldn’t help but share.

Espadrilles Eddiction

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some flip-flops. BUT, there are times in the summer months when I just need a change. (READ: I haven’t had a pedi in weeks and my toes look worse than cardboard cutouts of Selena Gomez at Miley Cyrus concerts…whhaaat?) When said times come, I turn to espadrilles. Although I recently bought the cutest (comfiest and reasonably priced) pair from Sperry at Nordstrom (see here), I’ve had my eye on quite a few as of late. Check out my picks below! {PS. I know how to spell addiction, I just did that (the title) for dramatic effect, duh!}

Espadrilles Eddiction