Financial advice from my mama



“The more you make, the more you spend.”

These are the words my mom continues to throw at me every time I want more. More money. More power. A better job. A promotion. etc. etc.

You’d think that my inner overachiever would be a good thing right? A trait that would make any mama proud. And you’re right. Of course my mom is proud. She is more than proud. She is my biggest fan. I’m her everything. I am her “life” she tells me.

It’s not that my mom doesn’t want me to be the best, because she does. She just wants to make sure that I don’t lose perspective. That I don’t get so caught up in hedonistic cravings (a nicer car, a swankier apartment, a fancier wedding) and lose sight of what’s important in life – family, love, friends.

Because late nights at the office or in the classroom might be lost nights with my fiancé, or a home cooked meal with my parents, or a night just for me.

For this reason, my mama always reminds me to stay grounded and to live within my means. To remember that if I lose myself in always wanting more, I’m going to miss out on what I already have, one of which is a pretty awesome mother.

So, here’s to all of the amazing mothers out there – Happy Mother’s Day! The world’s a better place because you’re in it.

And here’s to you, mama. A sea of “thank you’s” would never be enough. xoxoxxo