The Honeymoon Fund

As part of our engagement prezies, my very best friend, and MOH (duh!) gave us the most unique gift: a mason jar. Yes, I know, mason jars have taken over Pinterest like the Kardashians on E!, but you might be wondering why exactly these trendy receptacles could also serve as an engagement present. Right?

Well, I should probs mention that said receptacle was filled with some dollas and adorned with the cutest ever heart pendant that read: “Honeymoon Fund.”

This is where you say “Awww…how sweet!”

Yes, I know, so sweet! My very thoughtful, and Martha Stewart-esque bestie presented us with one of our favorite-est gifts thus far, and it’s one that my future hubs and I have committed ourselves to using. Scouts honor, every time we want to eat out, we’re going to eat in, and put the money we would have spent into our new fund; unless of course its birthday dinners, or date night, or brunch with the girls (because, well, who doesn’t love mimosas?!) You get the picture.

photo 4